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I just hit the publish button on another Kindle eBook EBook Publishing: Sell More EBooks With Action Spreadsheets! (Kindle Publishing). It really feels good to write a book and get paid for it again and again. Not only do I get to express my creativity but I continue to build my eBook business which should pay out for many years to come. And hopefully I have helped others by providing value with my books. Amazon Image

Surprisingly becoming a published author is easier than most people realize. In the past, to get a book on the market you either had to kill yourself finding a publisher or you had to pay big bucks to a vanity press and self publish. EBooks have revolutionized the market. It is not difficult to write and publish a book on platforms like Amazon, Smashwords and Apple. Yet many writers do not realize how doable it is. Authors may think of the hurdles like formatting, cover art or other aspects to publishing and feel over whelmed. Yet when you get the hang of it, eBook publishing is very straight forward.

I am on a number of writer forums and I see many writers struggling to pay day to day bills with one off (often low paying) writing jobs. I get emails all the time from visitors to my Work at Home site asking for a good way to make extra income. Publishing eBooks is a fantastic way to earn money and express yourself.

Now not everyone is a writer. Some people do not have the patience to sit down and write a story. Others are just not interested. But let’s say you do have a story inside of you. Maybe you can teach someone how to do something. Or perhaps you want to recount a personal experience. If you can write it down you can have someone else polish it up if need be.

Once it is written you can have a cover made and formatting done for just a few dollars at some of the small gig sites.

EBook Publishing can be a fabulous way to earn. If you think you have a book inside you, you should consider it.

I highly recommend Geoff Shaw’s Kindle Course. It shares step by step what you need to do to become a successful author. The course also includes a secret Facebook group. We have authors who are now New York Times best selling authors and earning in the high figures thanks to their efforts and the course. You can learn more about the course here: Kindling Kindle Publishing I am an affiliate of this program because I love it and bought it myself. If you decide to try it and buy it with my link, send me an email at I will send you a Bonus Kindle Kit with formatting tips and more.

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