Downsize NOW and ENJOY Life More!

My mother in law has moved to a nursing home and recently her children and spouses (including me) came together to get her previous home ready for sale. This woman is one organized little lady and neat as a pin. But despite that there were massive amounts of “things” in her house to go through. We hired an auction house to sell off the personal possessions she did not want or have room for at the nursing home. As we went from room to room we tried to give her the option of what to donate, put up for auction or move to her new residence.

So what did we come across? There were multiples of cleaning supplies, 4 sets of cutlery, tons of glassware, tupperware, books, furniture and so many other items. Yet when she selected the most important to move she took very little relative to what she has. And when she offered her items to us, there were few takers. Not that it wasn’t quality stuff but most of us already have what we need.

One interesting part about the move was her desire to pass on what she felt was really nice but did not want to keep for herself. These were the pieces she didn’t want to auction off or give to charity because they were really “nice” yet she didn’t like them enough to keep them either and none of us really wanted them!

As we went thru everything it was also obvious that having so much stuff to go thru was very overwhelming to her. I kept thinking how much less stressed she would have felt if she had gotten rid of much of it earlier or not accumulated it in the first place. Not to mention the money savings could have gone towards something really nice like a restful vacation. Now she is not well enough to enjoy traveling.

The entire move was very impactful. It helped me realize even more how hanging on to things for my children is not really something “they” want. It just clutters up my space.

So imagine if you had to downsize to a smaller living arrangement. What would you take with you? Are the things you have around you, things you really treasure?

I am now taking an even closer look at everything in my home and eliminating all the excess and things I don’t really love. In addition, instead of buying new I am shopping in my own home. It is amazing how I have extras of many items and keep buying more when I could use up what I have.

Instead of surrounding yourself with things – surround yourself with memories. Think of how selling off the excess of what you have now may save energy from your loved ones later. And the money can go to paying off debts, a dream trip or something else you want.

And having a clear space can help you feel calmer, more relaxed and better in general.

If you need help downsizing be sure to read my book Thrifting For Cash: How to Buy and Sell Goods and Make Money Fast! (Quick Cash Guide) but instead of going to stores and yard sales to shop for goods to resell, shop your own home. And check out my book Craigslist Cash: How To Sell On Craigslist and Make Money Fast! (Quick Cash Guide)

Get rid of your stuff. Being clutter free will improve your life and you can use the money you make to enjoy the life you want NOW!

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2 thoughts on “Downsize NOW and ENJOY Life More!

  1. Carolyn Conley

    Thank you, Lee, for this!!! My husband retired last year and we’re both 70, in excellent health, and still working. HOWEVER, I, like your mother-in-law, have several sets of cookware, tableware, glassware, and flatware, as well as more cleaning supplies than I can use in this lifetime. I’m going to get busy NOW and sell, donate, or give away the unnecessary. I’m formulating a list of questions to ask myself during the process. I’ll start with: Is something I treasure? Would someone else call it a treasure?

    1. Lee Mellott Post author

      Good to hear from you Carolyn. Just an update on this… I sold her house on Craigslist (she had moved into a nursing home) and it was fast and easy. Unfortunately, a few weeks after I sold her home, this wonderful woman passed away. As we sorted thru all her things it once again reminded me to pare down to make life easier. The less time spent cleaning, storing, caring for STUFF etc. the better!


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