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Downsize NOW and ENJOY Life More!

My mother in law has moved to a nursing home and recently her children and spouses (including me) came together to get her previous home ready for sale. This woman is one organized little lady and neat as a pin. But despite that there were massive amounts of “things” in her house to go through. We hired an auction house to sell off the personal possessions she did not want or have room for at the nursing home. As we went from room to room we tried to give her the option of what to donate, put up for auction or move to her new residence.

So what did we come across? There were multiples of cleaning supplies, 4 sets of cutlery, tons of glassware, tupperware, books, furniture and so many other items. Yet when she selected the most important to move she took very little relative to what she has. And when she offered her items to us, there were few takers. Not that it wasn’t quality stuff but most of us already have what we need. Continue reading