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I Finally Broke Down and Bought a Smart Phone

I finally broke down and bought a smart phone. And now I am wondering what I ever did without it! The smart phone has really helped me work smarter not harder. Since I work at home and tend so shop and stay in the area, in the past, I could never justify the expense of a smart phone. After all I pretty much just needed a phone for emergencies and the occasional phone call.

But I was discovering more and more apps for the smart phone that could save me a lot of time and even money. Plus the old phone was hard to text on so I never texted (gasp). In short despite having 20 some websites, I was in the stone age when it came to my cellular device. Mainly I did not realize how a smart phone was not a phone but more of a personal computer in your pocket.

Amazon Image

So I took the plunge. I picked up a beautiful gold, IPhone 5S, like this one pictured, using my upgrade and a gift card along with a little cash. Continue reading